Heritage Landscapes works collaboratively to uplift historic public places for today and tomorrow. In landscapes, heritage and habitat are entwined. Communities and their public landscapes are a collective inheritance, given by past generations, for our experience and toward the enrichment of the unborn. As a national and international leader in revitalizing heritage assets and sustaining communities, we focus on cultural landscape preservation, adaptation and innovation. Our daily goal is to partner with respected clients, colleagues and communities promoting recognition and stewardship of public community places. We seek to uncover untold stories, responding to diversity and minority voice oppression. Respecting authentic experiences of place and qualities of daily life that landscapes offer, we employ a range of preservation and green design tools to reinforce social, environmental and economic well-being and justice in designed, evolved and associative landscapes.

Through holistic planning, we decode design intent and shaping actions to reveal the multiple values of landscape within the realistic limitations of our times. Making well-considered interventions, we sustain, repair, reuse, update and revitalize significant places. Deeply appreciating these combined works of humanity and nature, we seek to imbue urban and rural communities with vitality and resilience, integrating sustainable design and enhancing meaning and access for all.

Preserve- Rehabilitate- Restore- Reconstruct

Heritage Landscapes’ works aligns to the US Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation with Guidelines for the Treatment of Cultural Landscapes. We address cultural landscapes, applying measures to sustain their integrity and character-defining features. Most often we rehabilitate in order to adapt a historic property compatibly for current and future uses while respecting site authenticity, intact contributing features. Infrequently our works target restoration or reconstruction of a landscape or a specific feature, based on detailed documentation. The appropriate approach is selected with the steward and community, in full consideration of all future functions, inclusive use, universal access, resilience, sustainability, ongoing management and best practices.