US Embassy in Paraguay

Client: Overseas Building Operations, US Department of State

Heritage Landscapes aided a team focused on the US Embassy at Asunción, Paraguay to gain a deep understanding of the landscape design, attribution, integrity, and significance. Changes were envisioned for this government property and our efforts informed the team about landscape character, details and contributing features prior to a substantial redesign. Interestingly, the landscape of the US Embassy compound in Asunción, Paraguay, is an outstanding example of mid-twentieth century Department of State construction reflecting a Modernist design attuned to the local setting by use of vernacular materials and techniques. Designed by important, female US architect and planner Chloethiel Woodard Smith, the landscape represents a formative point in the development of her design vocabulary. Despite changes over the Embassy’s nearly 60 years of service, the landscape remains a legible space and zones of use established between 1955 and 1960. Heritage Landscapes prepared a series of plans and analytic mapping, and text to capture Woodard Smith’s core design which express:

  • Defined rectilinear nested spaces organizing zones of use
  • Alternate contrasting hues and shades on the ground plane
  • Material authenticity of stone, brick, and tile landscape features
  • Blocks of single-species vegetation creating stacked linear borders
  • Low, curving retaining walls within an otherwise rectilinear configuration of spaces
  • Geometric forms of landscape furnishings
  • Barrel vaulted rooflines and cantilevers to shade the ground plane

Our work revealed the contributions of Woodard Smith, at Asunción and in her other projects, aiding in consideration of coming changes and preservation of valued features.  


Landscape Cultural Significance Study


Heritage Landscapes, Preservation Landscape Architects, EHT Traceries, Historians, contract through Krueck & Sexton Architects


"Preservation of the legacy landscape formed a core part of the sustainable design goals… Views to the legacy landscape are celebrated across the campus, connecting embassy personnel and visitors to the surrounding environment." New U.S. Embassy Asunción Monograph, OBO US Department of State