DC World War I Memorial

For National Park Service, National Mall & Memorial Parks

Heritage Landscapes worked with an inter-disciplinary team to preserve, conserve and restores the character of the District of Columbia World War I Memorial on the National Mall. The project objectives sought to return the area to its dual use as a commemorative feature of World War I military service and a small event space. Our work included:

  • Research to understand as-built and evolved landscape
  • Document existing landscape and character
  • Analyze historic period and existing landscape character
  • Prepare 1930s, existing and proposed approach plans
  • Recommend recapture of historic landscape character

Through informed design sensitive to historic intent and character, the dual use and resulting landscape form of the DC War Memorial 1930s character is rehabilitated to respect history and evolution, address diverse uses, promote inclusive access, and simplify maintenance.



Heritage Landscapes, team lead Hord Coplan Macht, with Vitetta Architects, Conservation Associates, Wiles Mensch Corporation


This beautiful monument is... the product of an organized community effort that is unique... a fine and generous response.  Evening Star, November 11, 1930