Northern Pass, New Hampshire

For New Hampshire Counsel for the Public

Heritage Landscapes was asked to provide expertise to the NH Counsel for the Public to assess the historic and cultural landscape resources along a proposed Electrical Utility Upgrade 192-mile corridor, through or within 1 mile or 32 towns, from Pittsburg to Deerfield, NH. Our contributions to this detailed project review include:

  • Assess and provide comments on the applicants’ above-ground Historic Resources Study
  • Identify and include the cultural landscapes along this corridor
  • Engage community members to identify scenic and historic landscapes important to them
  • Itemize and map cultural resources of 32 towns in GIS revealing density and clusters
  • Review town plans for cultural landscape value expressions
  • Gather data on current use land designation as de facto conservation
  • Prepare a report communicating findings and
  • Present testimony on potential project impacts on cultural resources

New Hampshire’s laws support protection of cultural and natural assets and its citizens value place high value on their landscapes with special feelings about the forested slopes and small towns “above the notch.” Our work assembled a comprehensive capture of cultural assets at the town level over the entire corridor to include: historic graveyards 555 count; conserved lands 1,816 tracts; current use lands ranging from 30% to 80% of town lands along the corridor covering thousands of acres; recreation lands 419 sites and 618 parcels; scenic roads 573 miles; public trails network of 1,542 miles; and public waters 638 public lakes and ponds, 2,419 measured segments on rivers and 288 public access points. Our testimony indicted that the project, if constructed, would have unreasonable adverse effects. Our testimony combined with that of other experts on ecology, scenery, planning, etc., led to the denial of the project.