Shelburne Farms, Shelburne VT

Client - Shelburne Farms

From 1999 to the present, Heritage Landscapes has engaged in multiple preservation planning and implementation projects for this National Historic Landmark, working farm and platform for environmental sustainability, learning and partnerships. Our works on multiple plans and projects over 22 years, include:

  • Plan for and aid work to stabilize lakeshore cliff for safety and restore garden balustrade
  • Layout and aid construction of new Olmsted style trails, to expand system
  • Plan for and carry out sequential drive tree plantings to replace missing trees and character
  • Aid in solar orchard and potential wind turbine siting
  • Advise on Shelburne House landscape character, views, access and elm tree replacement
  • Collaborate on selective removals of ash trees in  Elm Swamp for views and resilience
  • Develop compatible visual integration of private inholding properties and public landscapes
  • Develop Shelburne Farms Landscape Stewardship Plan to address landscape character renewal, integrating agriculture, circulation, ecology and habitat, visitor activity centers
  • Prepare Shelburne House Precinct Gardens & Landscape Stewardship Plan
  • Collaborate on the Breeding Barn Complex, Campus Conservation Plan
  • Collaborate on a landscape, architecture and collections IMLS Conservation Study

This historic estate of Dr. Seward and Lila Vanderbilt Webb, was laid out by Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. in 1887 and developed by the Webb’s through the 1940s as a farm, forest and scenic lakeside park. Planning, design and construction projects address the continuity and changes within this important 1,400-acre lakeshore scenic, working landscape. Our plans and works embrace the Shelburne Farms mission- to inspire and cultivate learning for a sustainable future, and their vision is of a healthy and just world rooted in stewardship and community. Our efforts seek to renew landscape beauty, scenery and function. The land based-practices at Shelburne Farms align for inspiration and information through ongoing stewardship to foster positive respectful change, that relies on existing heritage assets, to serve their overarching mission.


SF Trail Extension, 2021; Tree Allées Renewal, 2007-2019; Inn Annex Access, 2016; Solar Field Siting, 2010; Farm Barn Triangle Restoration, 2010; Shelburne House & Garden Landscape Stewardship Plan, 2006; Breeding Barn Campus Conservation Plan, 2004; Landscape Stewardship Plan, 2004; NHL Nomination for Landscape; IMLS Assessment, Cultural Landscape Resources, 2000; various implementation projects, 1999-2021


Heritage Landscapes LLC, selected collaborations with Doug    Porter, Masonry Projects; SAS Architects; Martin Tierney, Architect


Shelburne Farms has benefited from a strong working relationship with Heritage Landscapes LLC for two decades. They have provided invaluable assistance in helping us simultaneously address preservation, function and sustainability issues, to ensure the historic character of Shelburne Farms into the future. Alec Webb, President