Planting Fields Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York

For Planting Fields Foundation, collaboration with NYS Planting Fields Historic Site and Arboretum, New York State Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation

Heritage Landscapes prepared a highly detailed Planting Fields Cultural Landscape Report (PF CLR) to deepen understanding and foster sustainable preservation and conservation treatment of this 400-acre designed historic public landscape. The project integrates five vectors to address the future directions of this unique property to:

  • Restore Historic Olmsted Design Character    
  • Expand and Manage Arboretum Collections
  • Present Ecology and Scenery
  • Enhance Visitor Experience, Learning, Safety and Services
  • Pursue Active Management Function

Drawing on Heritage Landscapes comprehensive grasp of Olmsted character, the recommendations leverage the historic designed landscape organization, refining land use allocations to adapt to and embrace cultural diversity and biodiversity within the historic framework. Addressing practical challenges of diverse public uses for an historic estate, we employed an innovative consensus-based approach to rectify the perceived conflicting uses of historic site, horticultural arboretum, farm, and woodland and meadow habitats. Heritage Landscapes created a space for open sharing among partners, applied Olmsted design principles, and connected local action to the global United Nations 2030 Agenda. We aligned to the goals: 3 Good Health and Well Being, 10 Reduced Inequalities, 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, 13 Climate Action, 15 Life on Land, and 17 Partnerships. The PF CLR recommendations respects the Coe landscape legacy while fostering renewal, enriching habitat, increasing resilience, enhancing visitor experience and safety, and incorporating daily and cyclic care. The completed PF CLR charts a multi-phased course to revitalization, inclusion and resilience. With our assistance, phased work is addressing the Carshalton entry, Main Drive landscapes and the renewal of the Beech Bosque implementing specific recommendations.

WORKS Planting Fields Cultural Landscape Report, 2019; Entry Drive and Carshalton Gate Landscapes Implementation Strategy and Estimates, 2020.


Heritage Landscapes LLC, with Christopher Flagg, Chief, Bureau of Historic Site and Park Services


This Planting Fields Cultural Landscape Report could have gone in so many directions and you have ensured its success and brought everyone onto the same page. We rely on this CLR as a core organization document. Thank you! You have my resounding endorsement of Heritage Landscapes. Gina Wouters, Executive Director, Planting Fields Foundation