Franny Reese State Park, Lloyd, NY

For Scenic Hudson, in cooperation with PIPC, NYS OPRHP

Located on the west bank of the Hudson River, the unique wooded slope and meadow uplands park unites environmental conservation, historic preservation and public enjoyment of this 251-acre property. In a fruitful collaboration of Pouder Design Group, Heritage Landscapes and Scenic Hudson, a Park Master Plan envisioned phased implementation. Early trail, drainage and overlook build-out was guided by construction documents. Our work included:

  • Provide recommendations to steward natural and cultural resources
  • Design trails to minimize ecological impact while enhancing views and wayfinding
  • Collaborate on construction documents preparation
  • Recommend best practices to enhance sustainability of site design
  • Design stone piers railing for scenic overlook
  • Provide details to manage steep slope drainage in armored swales

The park master plan provides a framework to enhance this ecologically and culturally rich, landscape. Trails primarily align to historic carriage routes that pass 19th-century estate ruins. With broad views of the river, woodland and meadow exploration, hiking, picnicking, mountain biking, dog walking, wildlife watching, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, this park is a treasured addition to the public open spaces of the Hudson River Valley.

WORKS Franny Reese State Park Master Plan, 2008; Phase 1 Construction Documents, 2009.


Heritage Landscapes, Preservation Planners & Landscape Architects, lead Pouder Design Group.


It makes perfect sense we named this preserve after Scenic Hudson’s guiding spirit, Frances Reese (1917-2003), who dedicated much of her life to protecting the Hudson Valley’s natural and historic treasures. We conserved this magnificent bluff-top forest to prevent a massive residential development from destroying it. Scenic Hudson