West Virginia Capitol, Charleston, WV

For State of West Virginia General Services Division

Heritage Landscapes served as team landscape architect for the West Virginia State Capitol Campus Master Plan to comprehensively address the future of the 73-acre campus, including preservation and adaptation. Early Cass Gilbert sketches of the grounds show a formal organization of the campus. The central axis aligns on the cardinal points, and centers on the Capitol building. Our work included collaboration to:

  • Extend Gilbert historic core character to campus with new design recommendations
  • Employ best practices in historic preservation and new construction
  • Upgrade infrastructure, to include stormwater harvesting and reuse in the landscape
  • Establish a secure perimeter, effectively blending into campus and adjacent memorials
  • Create construction documents for the landscape of Building 3 to implement the plan in part

The historic campus plan formed a basis for recapture of this fractured campus in the Master Plan to create a unified campus landscape as the setting for existing structures and to direct future expansion. The campus master plan provides a long-term vision for orderly, aesthetically unified growth. The landscape recommendations shape a cohesive campus image and character while upgrading access, security, emergency response, service and utility infrastructure. The Cass Gilbert Jr. Designed Building 3 and site renovation enhances office space and implements components of the master plan.

West Virginia Capitol Campus Master Plan, 2009, Building 3 Renovation and Landscape Construction Documents, 2010.


Master Plan, Heritage Landscapes, Preservation Landscape Architect, George Skarmeas, RMJM Hillier, lead; Michael Baker Jr., Inc., local lead; Systems Planning; Walker Parking; The SGS Group; Dr. Christen, Gilbert Historian.WVC Building 3 Heritage Landscapes, Landscape Architect,Perfido Weiskopf + Goette, Architects; CJL Engineering