Dumbarton Oaks, Georgetown, D.C.

For The Trustees of Harvard University, Dumbarton Oaks
Heritage Landscapes provided historic landscape preservation expertise and detailed documentation to project planning and design for the proposed additions to this significant early 20th century landscape, by noted landscape architect Beatrix Jones Ferrand.  Widely revered as a landscape treasure, our work captured the remarkable design and evolution of Dumbarton Oaks gardens. Project efforts led to:

  • Discover the details of Beatrix Farrand’s design 1921 to 1940
  • Unearth contributions of 9 more landscape architects to 1967
  • Document artisans, garden crew, contractors, architects and engineers
  • Develop accurately researched period plans and field-verified existing plans
  • Document landscape evolution through narrative and graphics
  • Assess existing conditions and assess historic integrity of existing conditions
  • Identify vocabulary of forms and materials to integrate new Library and Gardener’s Court

With the Cultural Landscape Report served as a foundational reference, Heritage Landscapes employed historic research and analysis to inform the siting and character of the Research Library and Gardener’s Court landscapes through decision-making and implementation phases.

WORKS Dumbarton Oaks Cultural Landscape Report History, Existing, Analysis and Preservation Treatment Philosophy, 2002; Research Library and Gardener’s Court Siting Study and Implementation, 2003-2004.


Heritage Landscapes LLC team member, Library and Gardener’s Court leadVenturi Scott Brown Associates,James Urban Landscape Architect, Oehrlein & Associates 2004; West Campus Master Plan lead Hartman Cox Architects, 2003; Heritage Landscapes leadwith Lampl Associates, Historians for CLR, 2002.


“It is rare that a continuous history of a place. . .is to be found. The papers have considerable professional value, entirely aside from the importance of the place or the ability of the designer. You will of course want to make this material available and useful to students of Landscape Architecture.” Beatrix Farrand, 1850, upon donation of her Dumbarton Oaks plans to Harvard University