Client Camden Public Library Board, Independent Commission, Citizens Advisory Committee, and Camden Conservancy for Harbor Park & Amphitheatre
Heritage Landscapes successfully completed important planning and implementation projects for the Camden Library Grounds and Amphitheatre, by Fletcher Steele 1928-1931, regarded as the first Modernist landscape in the USA, and adjacent Harbor Park, by Frederick Law Olmsted Jr., Olmsted Brothers 1930-1935. These landscapes, located in the heart of the community, are character-defining elements of the community, heavily used by locals and tourists. Focused projects achieved:

  • Bridged deep divides to achieve community consensus
  • Renew the Fletcher Steele designed Library Grounds and Garden Amphitheatre
  • Provide universal access and rehabilitate F.L. Olmsted Jr. designed Harbor Park
  • Improve Atlantic Avenue safety
  • Partially recapture Steele’s Meadow landscape
  • Fulfill Fauns Garden original design, install Compass of the Winds

Our comprehensive highly documented planning report created the foundation for preservation and renewal of these community treasures. Overcoming community conflicts through months of open dialogue and solution testing, the phased work revitalized these historically significant designed landscapes. A maintenance calendar itemized annual efforts to sustain landscape character and use. Success is marked by community and professional acclaim and wide enjoyment of these iconic landscapes.



Fauns Garden restoration, 2006; Harbor Park & Camden Amphitheatre, rehabilitation and partial restoration, 2004; Independent Commission community consultation, 1999 to 2002; Library Grounds & Meadow rehabilitation, 1999; Atlantic Avenue rehabilitation, 1998; Camden Garden Amphitheatre and Harbor Park Historic Landscape Report and Preservation Treatment Plan, 1997.


Heritage Landscapes, Fauns Garden and Camden Amphitheatre, Phase 2, 2006 with Dave Jackson, Camden Conservancy Director; Harbor Park Rehabilitation, Camden Amphitheatre partial Restoration, TreeKeepers consulting arborist; Library Grounds & Meadow construction documents, Kerry Hardy; Atlantic Avenue construction, Coffin Engineers; Historic Landscape Report, Robin Karson, Charles E. Beveridge, PhD., landscape historians.


"I cannot say strongly enough what a pleasure it is to work with Heritage Landscapes and how fortunate we all are to have had your dedication, knowledge and creativity on this project.” Richard Anderson, President, Camden Conservancy for Harbor Park & Amphitheatre

“A small space. . . may serve to present a choice refreshment to a city, provided the circumstances are favorable for an extended outlook upon natural elements of scenery." Frederick Law Olmsted, 1895