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Our commissions are diverse, addressing the heritage assets of communities, as team leader or contributing member. 

Scopes range from research and planning to repair, renewal and management to include: documentary research; analysis; public outreach workshops; schematic design; and construction documents. Planning projects yield detailed guidance for phased implementation, as well as landscape management calendars, staff and volunteer efforts, rich visitor experience strategies and fund-raising materials. We apply best practices in sustainability integrating nature, culture, ecology, society and economy.

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featured Projects types

Sustainability & Stewardship
Applying best practices and recycling imbedded energies through creativity and innovation.

Landscape Management
Planning for the staff and skills that will steward valued properties with focused resources.

Interpretation & Signage
Means to communicate the messages drawn from heritage places and communities.

Heritage Tourism
Unique experience of tangible and intangible cultural assets is effected through visionary projects.

Bringing research, assessment and community engagement together to preserve and adapt the civic treasures of urban parks.

Park & Parkway Systems
Valued historic networks of open spaces in America's cities that require renewal.

Corridors designed for scenic travel that retain unique origins and serve current uses.

Historic Sites & Museums
Places of heritage value that recall important events and people.

Civic Sites, Campuses & Institutions
Institution and campus landscapes of historic value with ongoing needs.

Historic estates that today are museums and heritage tourism destinations.

Bringing valued heritage assets into the future to revitalize and sustain cities, towns and villages.

Battlefields & Cemeteries
Respecting and renewing memorial places for quality experiences.

Botanical Gardens & Conservatories
Important works of design and horticulture that benefit from deep historical knowledge.

Modern Landscapes
Cherished mid-20th Century masterworks revived through preservation.