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February 2015
Jackson Park Lagoon Overlook Placement
Chicago, Illinois

Jackson Park, a 500-acre green space on the site of the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, is in the process of comprehensive rehabilitation effort to enhance ecological sustainability, meet access and recreational needs, and recapture the character of the original design by the firm of Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. Heritage Landscapes is working with the Chicago Park District and the US Army Corps of Engineers, engaged and supported by the civic non-profit Project 120, to build an ecological restoration project for 130 acres of this important historic Olmsted park. One objective is to reconstruct park overlooks to reach scenic viewpoints over the lagoons. Area 1 of the project includes Overlook 2 and recent field work refined its location. Layout of overlooks during the spring of 2015 is an early task in constructing this Great Lakes Fisheries and Ecosystem Restoration project for Jackson Park.


Heritage Landscapes' Peter Viteretto works with team members to layout Overlook 2.

The simulation illustrates a completed overlook populated with various park-goers.

Heritage Landscapes' drawing shows the GPS located Overlook 2 adjustments.