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December 2014
Hopatcong State Park Fountain Preservation Planning Report
Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

Heritage Landscapes partnered with Keast & Hood and Landmark Facilities to reactivate a historic fountain and surrounds at Hopatcong State Park while ensuring contemporary needs for safety, access, and environmental protection.  Located on the southwest shore of the largest lake in New Jersey, the fountain contributed to a fun, active atmosphere, while controlling the outflow of the lake into the Musconetcong River for over 50 years.  Park officials decommissioned the water feature in the 1980s due to liability concerns.  The Lake Hopatcong Foundation hired our team to produce a design study that focuses on the historical character, use, and technical details of the fountain as a platform for its rehabilitation.  Water use and environmental impacts of the fountain are considered in coordination with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.  Team members are collaborating to create an elegant and functional design that enriches public welfare, ensures public safety, and returns the historic Hopatcong State Park Fountain to working order.

An early image of the Hopatcong State Park Fountain illustrates the water feature's historic character.

This detail of a current landscape plan shows the position and surroundings of the fountain.

The fountain has offered a popular recreation spot for the community throughout its history.