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2 June 2011

Cultural Landscapes:  Heritage Standards and Design Interventions - A Dialogue
"For Landscape, Character is the Key" 
Patricia O'Donnell, FASLA, AICP, Heritage Landscapes and Laurie Olin, RLA, FASLA, Olin Studio, 2-Part Presentation & Dialogue

United States Committee, International Council on Monuments & SItes
14th Symposium, June 2 - 4, Washington, DC

Perhaps the greatest challenge to universality in the application of the Venice Charter has come about by the public appropriation of heritage with intentions that go beyond the historical significance of a place or the aesthetic delights that it might provide. The range of values being attributed to heritage now include more than its aesthetic and historic significance, heritage is being attribute social, economic and even political values that do not necessarily relate to the physical fabric of the place, but to the function and services that these places can render to the community. It was this very attitude in the Vienna Memorandum (“World Heritage and Contemporary Architecture – Managing the Historic Urban Landscape,” 2005) that unleashed a heated global discussion. The symposium focused on the relationship between old and new, as found in historic structures, sites, districts and towns, from the introductions of new uses to additions to historic buildings, as well as insertions of new structures in historic context.

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