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30 June - 3 July 2008

IFLA CLC Website Launch

International Federation of Landscape Architects Cultural Landscapes Committee
45th IFLA World Congress
Apeldoorn, Netherlands


At the IFLA World Congress in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, Patricia O’Donnell, Chair of the IFLA Cultural Landscape Committee (CLC), presented a demonstration of the newly-created website that she had recently completed for the CLC.  The IFLA CLC website is a vehicle for increased communication, sharing and exchange of expertise for the International Federation of Landscape Architects Cultural Landscapes Committee (IFLA CLC).  The overall objective of the website is to foster cultural landscape preservation from within IFLA through building networks and expertise and to encourage greater awareness of and respect for our shared global legacy of cultural landscapes.  Participation in and contributions to the IFLA CLC are welcomed from all IFLA members.

The cultural landscape community is increasing in its global knowledge and expertise through ongoing contributions to this website, IFLA presentations, meetings and contacts, and engagement with allied professions and organizations.  Enhanced cultural landscape preservation globally is the goal through the vehicle of increased expertise within the global landscape architecture community that IFLA brings together.   IFLA CLC facilitates global exchanges and fosters and supports the four IFLA regional cultural landscapes committees in the Americas Region, the Asia and Pacific Region, the European Region and the Africa and Middle East Region.

Visit the IFLA CLC Website