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Action brings valued places to enhanced stewardship of the combined works of humanity and nature, through communcation of best practices, innovation and advocacy for irreplaceable heritage assets.

Heritage Landscapes principal and talented staff contribute to the field of cultural landscapes through national and international keynotes, conference papers, expert panels, convening and committee leadership. Here we offer cutting-edge thinking with recent papers provided for download. Sharing our work in an open exchange, we hope these efforts inspire and aid in moving cultural landscape preservation forward as a global imperative for a sustainable future, aligned to the global UN 2030 Agenda. Comments are appreciated.


Marina Bay Sands, Singapore - July 2018
Intersection of BioDiversity and Cultural Diversity in Cities
IFLA World Congress

New Orleans- April 2018
Public Spaces are Cultural & Natural Heritage Assets
APA National Planning Conference

Washington, DC - April 2018 
World Heritage Cities as Cultural Landscapes 
International Day for Monuments and Sites

Shanghai, China - March 2018 
Human Settlements = Cultural/National Heritage Assets 
WHITRAP International Expert Meeting


Amherst, MA - January 2015
Sustaining and Revitalizing Urban Heritage in the Urban Millennium
Zube Lecture Series at UMass, Amherst

Nanjing, China - September 2014
Preservation and Regeneration of Cultural Heritage in Cultural Cities
UNESCO Conference for Chinese mayors

Pittsburgh, PA - June 2014
The Dirt, ASLA Recognizes Mellon Square
Rededication of an Urban Oasis

Zanzibar, Tanzania - February 2014
International Expert Workshop on Historic Urban Landscape Mainstreaming
World Heritage Workshop

Washington, DC - January 2014
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Interview with Patricia M. O'Donnell 
Fostering Youth Interest

New Brunswick, NJ - October 2012
HUL: New UNESCO Tool for a Sustainable Future
Cultural Landscapes: Preservation Challenges in the 21st Century, Rutgers University

Cape Town, South Africa - September 2012
UNESCO HUL for Sustainable Urban Heritage & 20 Years of World Heritage Cultural Landscapes
IFLA 49th World Congress 

San Juan, Puerto Rico - August 2012
Urban Heritage toward a Sustainable Future with Consideration of Old San Juan
Puerto Rico SHPO, Public Lecture


New York, NY - July 2012
Integrating Sustainability in Historic Landscapes
City Parks Alliance Greater & Greener Conference 

San Antonio, TX - June 2012
The HUL Approach: The Way Forward
US/ICOMOS 5th International Symposium

Baku, Azerbaijan - April 2012
UNESCO Historic Urban Landscape Recommendations
VI Annual Conference of the ICOMOS Theory Committee & CIVVIH

Rochester, NY - April 2012
Local Historic Cemeteries: Preserving & Managing Valued Places
Landmark Society of Western New York 2012 Annual Conference


Los Angeles, CA - April 2012
Global Standards for Contextual Development
APA 2012 National Planning Conference

Richmond, VA - October 2011
Restoring Martha Brookes Hutcheson's Water Harvest System
Gillette Forum on Landscape Design, Louis Ginter Botanical Garden

Ahmedabad, India - September 2011
Why Cultural Landscapes Matter 
7th ISOLA Conference on Cultural Landscapes, Indian Society of Landscape Architects

Rye, NY - June 2011
The Jay Property & Marshlands Conservancy: Conflict & Balance for Cultural & Natural Values 
TCLF & Jay Heritage Center


Washington, DC  - June 2011
Cultural Landscapes:  Character is Key
US/ICOMOS, 14th International Symposium

Amherst, MA - May 2011 
Why Cultural Landscapes Matter: Our Culture & Nature Commonwealth 
University of Massachusetts Conference: Why Does the Past Matter?


Montreal, Quebec, Canada  - November 2010
Decision Making for the Preservation of Historic Public Landscapes 


Buffalo, NY - October 2010 
Multiple Presentations 
New York AIA ASLA Conference: Creating the Fabric of Our Culture


Intanbul, Turkey - October 2010 
Why Cultural Landscapes Matter 
Invited Keynote at ECLAS 2010
Istanbul Technical University

Paris, France - February 2010
Urban Heritage Keystones of Livability
UNESCO Expert Meeting on the Draft Recommendation on the Conservation of Historic Urban Landscape

Pittsburgh, PA - November 2009 
Mellon Square: Preserving, Interpreting & Managing A Modern Icon
Symposium: Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy & TCLF 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - May 2009
Rio World Heritage Nomination Framing  
ICOMOS Expert Team with IPHAN Brazil


Amman, Jordan - November 2008
Historic Urban Landscapes
Center for the Study of Architecture in the Arab World, Petra University
Invited Keynote at CSAAR International Conference

Oyster Bay, NY - October 2008
Landscape Documentation: Fostering Informed Stewardship & Enriching Interpretation
American Public Gardens Association Planting Fields Arboretum
Invited Keynote at Landscape Documentation Conference

Québec City, Canada - October 2008
Urban Cultural Landscapes & the Spirit of Place
ICOMOS, 16th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium

Pittsburgh, PA - September 2008
Sustaining Historic Public Landscapes
NAOP/CPA International Urban Parks Conference
Body & Soul: Parks and the Health of Great Cities


Apeldoorn, Netherlands - June 2008
IFLA Cultural Landscapes Committee Website Launch
IFLA World Congress 2008

Oslo, Norway - April 2008
Sustaining Landscapes of Heritage Value & Challenges in Sustaining Historic Urban Landscape Values in the Face of Rapid Urban Transformation
Invited Presentations, IFLA Conference

Kingston, RI - April 2008
Landscapes of Heritage Value
University of Rhode Island
Invited Speaker at 2007-08 URI Landscape Architecture Lecture Series

Aranjuez, Spain - December 2007
International Expert Workshop on Integrity and Authenticity of World Heritage Cultural Landscapes
World Heritage Experts Meeting, Invited Expert