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July 2017

Walkill, New York
Heritage Landscapes completed the Bloedel Reserve Heritage Landscape Report, documenting and analyzing the historic landscape character areas of this unique 20th century designed landscape in 2016. In 2017 we followed up with a collaborative character-defining features study to fully explicate the 25 distinct cultural landscapes of these gardens. The process sought to develop landscape character and details understanding throughout the BR staff and leadership. Teams used historic views and maps out in the gardens to gain insights and consensus with a goal of clearly and purposefully managing landscape character across this diverse, 100-acre reserve. Both Bloedel Reserve planning and analysis projects have been honored by professional awards.


Bloedel Reserve example of area 2C Rhododendron Glen mapping showing locations of historic views used in the field by staff and board teams to explore landscape character and details.  


Boedel Reserve CDFs report page example showing historic and current views of the Birch Grove in character area 2C.