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Mill Neck, Long Island, New York
Heritage Landscapes is preparing a Schmidlapp Humes Property Cultural Landscape Report, Part 1 for the North Shore Land Alliance, Mill Neck, NY. Beginning in 1924 the Schmidlapp and Humes families developed a rural family property on Long Island. Working with a series of design professionals, Ellen Biddle Shipman, Vitale and Geiffert, Innocenti and Webel, and Douglas and Joan DeFaya, this landscape is shaped over 50 years. The sequence of design and construction as well as the conservation and uses of the unique sloping field and woodlands enriches the complex landscape chronology. As few family images remain, historic aerial photographs are particularly useful for understanding landscape character.


This 1966 historic aerial image depicts the large open field in agricultural use on the bottom half while the top half shows a native woodland. Designed landscapes cluster around Rumpus House to the right and the Humes House to the left, while the first phase of Humes Japanese Stroll Garden development is in the upper right corner.



The intricate paths of the Humes Stroll Garden as designed with the DeFaya’s are seen shortly after build-out in this 1966 aerial view.