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Community preservation planning and implementation projects provide Heritage Landscapes with opportunities to integrate heritage assets and values into urban revitalization for sustainable towns, villages or cities that embrace their culture.

Economy, environment and society are the three pillars of sustainability that heritage assets enrich for unique urban communities. A recent consulting effort prepared guidelines for the inclusive revitalization of India's heritage cities that detail how to identify, value and integrate tangible and intangible heritage assets as renewal proceeds. Heritage Landscapes has contributed to the UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape, 2011, and is now working on mainstreaming the application of the tool groups that address: community engagement; knowledge and planning; regulatory systems; and finance for the vitality of urban heritage in vibrant communities.


Birmingham Civil Rights
Birmingham, Alabama

Bridge Street Bicycle & Pedestrian Feasibility Study
Richmond, Vermont

Barre Multi Use Path Conceptual Alignment Study
Barre City & Barre Town, Vermont

Jordanville Wind Power Project Assessment
Warren and Stark, New York

North Family Mount Lebanon Shaker Village
New Lebanon, New York

Mount Zion Historical Neighborhood
Somers, New York

Riverside, Illinois

Cheney Brothers Great Lawn
Manchester, Connecticut

Borden Home Farm & Condensary
Ulster & Orange Counties, New York

Hopewell Township
Hopewell Township, New Jersey

Greenmanville Streetscape
Mystic, Connecticut

Master Plan for Preservation & Scenic Conservation
Guilford, Connecticut