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Hopewell Township


Hopewell Township
Hopewell Township, New Jersey

The Township of Hopewell consists of four component landscapes to include township lots along streets, crossroads village properties, rural properties, and farmsteads, each unique in their landscape character. With patterns of development founded on an agricultural past and gradual landscape evolution since the Colonial period, the township is preparing to shape its future by reconciling modern needs with its built heritage. In order to help preserve the unique character of the community and assist property owners in exterior design and streetscape considerations, Heritage Landscapes drafted guidelines that outlined the important features and characteristics of each type of property along with acceptable materials and styles in keeping with the character with the historic properties. The goal of the Guidelines was to encourage open views to the historic buildings from the street and promote simple traditional front yard arrangements with limited and screened modern amenities. More specifically, Heritage Landscapes recommended the use of traditional materials such as stone, brick, and wood for use in pedestrian walkways, driveways, parking areas, fences, walls, and boundary markers. The Guidelines discussed historical and suitable, contemporary uses and positioning of these elements. Historically appropriate planting styles were addressed in depth, outlining historic plant materials common to the Hopewell township region. Recommendations included historic shade trees, flowering shrubs, herbs, medicinal plants, flowering plants, and traditional fruits. The guidelines also explained how traditional styles and placement of signs, building numbers, and outdoor furnishings like benches, table, chairs and picnic tables can enhance a historic property. Sections on the functional and aesthetic aspects of outdoor lighting and proper drainage combined practical advice with historical sensitivity for the residents of Hopewell Township.

Hopewell Township Historic Preservation Commission

Hopewell Township Guidelines for Historic Landscapes, 2005

Project Credits:
Heritage Landscapes, Preservation Landscape Architects & Planners; Dominique Hawkins, AIA, project lead, Preservation Design Partnership.

Award-Winning Project

Guidelines for Historic Landscapes
Township of Hopewell Historic Preservation Commission

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