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Louisville Olmsted Parks & Parkways System

Park & Parkway Systems

Louisville Olmsted Parks & Parkways System
Louisville, Kentucky

The remarkable system of Louisville Olmsted Parks and Parkways was designed by Olmsted, Olmsted & Eliot and Olmsted Brothers from 1890-1938. Heritage Landscapes has contributed preservation landscape architecture expertise to twelve master plan and implementation projects since 1992. This system faces a broad range of historic integrity and contemporary functionality issues. 

Heritage Landscapes, as part of the multi-disciplinary master plan team, approached Cherokee, Shawnee, and Iroquois Parks and the 14 mile-parkway system as a complex, unique public landscape integrating history, ecology, contemporary use, management and maintenance. The master plan envisioned sustainable environments—parks that foster resource diversity and health, safeguard historic character, and provide diverse recreation and maintainability.  Additionally, Heritage Landscapes served as a landscape preservation consultant on multiple publicly and privately funded planning and implementation projects.  At Cherokee Park, Heritage Landscapes helped to recapture the historic, scenic, ecological and functional values of the park through Barringer Creek, Spring, and Overlook Hill projects. At Iroquois Park, our expertise aided in addressing use, scenery and resolving long-standing drainage degradation on the Burnt Knob and contributed to the Iroquois Amphitheater renewal. At Shawnee Park new playing fields provided desirable facilities while freeing the Great Lawn to recapture the spacious greensward. A section of parkway along the park frontage was constructed and planted in accordance with our parkway guidelines. Park system signage was used at all three parks for several projects focusing on visitor information. Heritage Landscapes collaborated on the Chickasaw Park Master Plan project with Arleyn Levee, historian.  The 2006 team project addressing planning and implementation of a bicycle trail along the parkway corridors epitomized the ethics of sound stewardship and full contemporary use. The community-based Tyler Park and Hogan Fountain Master Plans were prepared in 2010 and implementation work followed directly. Local and professional awards for multiple efforts have affirmed project excellence.

Louisville Olmsted Park Conservancy & Metro Parks

Projects + Credits:
Tyler Park & Hogan Fountain Master Plans, Environs/RFA, lead, 2010; Louisville Olmsted Parkways Bicycle Trail Plan, HNTB/Gresham Smith, lead, 2006; Cherokee Park Barringer Spring & Barringer Hill, PDR Engineers & Environs/RLA, 1999-2002; Chickasaw ParkMaster Plan Environs/RLA, 2001; Iroquois Park Amphitheater Rehabilitation Planning, 1999; Shawnee Park-Playing Fields, Service Building, Western Parkway frontage, PDR Engineers & Andropogon Associates Overlook Walk and Vistas Environs RLA 1998; Cherokee Park Barringer Spring, Barringer Hill Overlook, Drive & Playground, PDR Engineers & Environs/RLA 2001, Bear Grass Creek 1995 Andropogon Assoc.; Iroquois Park-Hilltop Meadow Basins, Paths & Shelter Andropogon, Amphitheater Landscape Renewal Environs/ RLA 2000; Louisville Olmsted Parks & Parkways Comp. Master & Mgmt. Plan, Andropogon Assoc., 1994